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Oh!  My Goddess | Neon Genesis Evangelion | Devil Hunter Yohko | Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
Kimagure Orange Road | Ranma 1/2 | Maison Ikkoku | Yawara!

Oh!  My Goddess
AMG_Soundtrack_Cover.jpg (37889 bytes)

Keiichi Morisato is a typical college student until he dials a wrong number for take-out pizza and gets the Goddess Relief Office instead.  The lovely Belldandy (center) arrives to grant him a wish.  He wishes, of course, that she would stay with him.   Don't worry about Belldandy, though - Keiichi is too timid to try anything.   But things get more than a little wacky when Belldandy's sisters Urd (left) and Skuld arrive to keep her company.


Neon Genesis Evangelion
rei_2.jpg (53367 bytes)

A member of the so-called "mecha" genre, which always means giant robots slugging it out.  In this particular case, we have 14-year-olds piloting giant robots against the big bad Angels.  However, this series does not merely feature ongoing dramatic combat to save the earth.  It also throws philosophy, religious overtones, and some truly bizarre people into the mix.  The oddly emotionless girl at left, Rei Ayanami, is the most striking character.


Devil Hunter Yohko
Yohko_2.jpg (49320 bytes)

It's not easy being the 108th generation of the Devil Hunter clan.  There's always these demons who are interrupting your dates...

And right there you have the series in a nutshell.  Here is 16-year-old Yohko Mano, cute as a button, boy crazy, and deadly with a soul sword. 


Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
Nuku_Nuku_small.jpg (18566 bytes)

Nuku Nuku (left) is a gorgeous, cheerful, and super-powerful android ... with the brain of a cat.  Meow.

Wait.  It gets better.  See, Nuku Nuku's inventor was married to Akiko Mishima, the heir to Mishima Heavy Industries, weapons makers extraordinaire.  And they are having a teensy informal custody fight over their son.  Duck when Nuku Nuku goes up against Mishima's best.


Kimagure Orange Road
madoka_small.jpg (22440 bytes)

The awesome series which got me hooked on anime.

Kyosuke loves Ayukawa (in sultry mode, left).  Or does he love Hikaru?  But Hikaru definitely loves Kyosuke and Yusaku definitely loves Hikaru.  And no one's quite sure what Ayukawa thinks.

And if that's not enough, Kyosuke's family just happens to have psychic powers (garden-variety teleportation, psychokinesis, etc.) which they are desperately trying to keep a secret from everyone.


Ranma 1/2
Ranma_and_Akane_small.jpg (38352 bytes)

You cannot be an anime fan and not know this series.

Ranma Saotome is a typical teenage martial artist until his father takes him on a training mission to the cursed Jusenkyo springs in China.  It turns out that when you fall into one of the springs, you turn into whoever ... or whatever ... drowned there last.   Hot water will reverse the effect, but only until you get splashed with cold water again.

A brief rundown:
  • Ranma (left) turns into a beautiful busty red-haired girl (center).
  • His father turns into a giant panda.
  • His friend Ryoga turns into a pig.
  • His nemesis, the Amazon girl Shampoo, turns into a cat.
  • Shampoo's would-be paramour, Mousse, turns into a duck.

Also pictured at left is Akane, Ranma's "fiancee".   Yes, this is complicated...


Maison Ikkoku
maisld23_small.jpg (35386 bytes)

A beautiful romantic comedy about bumbling college student Godai and wistful widow Kyoko.   Luckily for Godai, she is his landlady.  Unfortunately, between them lies many formidable obstacles...
  • Kyoko's dead husband Soichiro
  • Kyoko's suitor Mitaka
  • Godai's girlfriend Kozue
  • Godai's nemesis, the cute Yagami
  • All the other tenants of the apartment building in which Godai and Kyoko live

And my favorite:


This series follows the life of Yawara Inokuma. Ever since she was a little girl, she has received daily judo training from her obstinate and obnoxious grandfather Jigoro, a former 5-time national champion. His objective is to have her win an Olympic gold medal and a National Achievement Award, and he endlessly schemes toward this goal. Her objective is to "just be a normal girl," and she tries to keep her judo abilities secret from everyone else.

Add in a passionate judo rival, her Casanova coach, and a dogged sports reporter who has trouble separating his personal and professional feelings toward Yawara, and you have the basis for a great story. It is such a favorite in Japan that Ryoko Tamura, the real-life women's judo gold medal winner at the 2000 Olympics, was nicknamed "Yawara-chan" by the Japanese press.

With a believable and lovable cast of characters, this is far and away the best series I have seen. Order some Yawara! tapes today. You won't be disappointed.