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The CEO Rap

Yo, I'm the CEO,
Real power trip ya know
Friggin' business just too slow
Gotta let some people go.

Got my millions, got my fortune,
No employees got a portion,
Got my bonus, got my stocks,
So all those canned can SMELL MY SOCKS!

Hey, everything's OK,
Make sure profits gonna stay,
Gotta keep it goin' that way
Give out more pink slips today.

Got two million shares of common
Don't care who all else I'm harmin'
Put them jobs on choppin' blocks
And pray I'll let you SMELL MY SOCKS!

Man, life is such a bore,
No one works for me; they're sore.
Got an empty office floor,
Cut back on expenses more!

Profits this year up quadruple
I don't need no moral scruple
Axe the jobs 'cuz money rocks,
So line on up to SMELL MY SOCKS!

No more company ya see,
Business life's been good to me.
"Helpin' others out is cool."
If you say so, you're a fool.
Awesome bein' filthy rich,
With some money, life's no bitch.
Wanna get some big-time wealth?
Simple, just lay off yourself.