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We're playing tag when Mom calls for dinner.
She starts yelling at me to stop playing around and come
in to eat: Dinner is ready! If you don't come in, your
food will get cold! But I don't want to go in.
We're having too much fun and I don't want to stop to eat.
I know I'll catch you soon and

when I do, I'll make you take back the taunts and
nyah-nya-nyahs you gave to make me chase you before. I don't care about dinner
'cuz I'm not hungry and I don't want to eat.
I just had popcorn and ice cream and so when you stick your tongue out and yell, Come
and get me! that makes me really mad and I'm going to trap you in
the dead end and I'm going to catch you and make you sorry for your

- hey, come back here stupid! All you can do is run away! Your
stupid and dumb and just plain stupid. When I catch you I'm gonna give you wedgies and
noogies and I'm gonna tell that you stole 50 cents from your sister and boy are you gonna be in
trouble then. But stupid Mom keeps yelling, Dinner! Dinner!
I don't pay attention to her because I'm having fun and I don't want to come
inside and why is my stomach growling because I'm not hungry and I don't want to eat.

Time to eat,
she says. Your
friend can come
over tomorrow. And
now it's time for dinner
so come in.

Come in
and eat
your dinner
or your
sister and
brother will eat it all if you don't come.


Last call kiddo, come in now or you don't get to eat.
All right, all right, I'm coming in! And you, you shut up, I'm gonna make you eat your
words and you better watch out. But it was fun. 'Bye! I gotta go eat dinner.