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These links should be enough to get you started on the various subjects.  I'm going for quality over quantity here, having experienced a certain amount of exasperation with low signal-to-noise ratios in my time.


   Anime Web Turnpike This page will link you to most everything about anime.
   AnimeNation And here is where you can shop for anime on line.
   Sachi's Distribution
   Soyokaze Fansubs
Fansub distributors who send you anime VHS tapes at a low cost.


   U.S. Chess Federation The national chess organization.
   Free Internet Chess Server Play live chess against people from all over the world - free!  You can find players of all skill levels here.
   Internet Chess Club The live chess server catering to elite players.  Not quite as free.

Various Cool Stuff

   Quantum Computers Imagine the power of a computer where every atomic particle is a parallel processor.  Unthinkable, isn't it?  But these computers are well on the way to reality.
   Quantum Teleportation Teleportation is very real, at least on the sub-molecular level.
   Chatterbots Programs that imitate human conversation.   Try them; you may be a bit surprised...
   TopCoder Programming competitions with big prize money!


   Architecture My father is an architect and real estate broker in Sacramento, California.  I highly recommend his services.  
   Politics All the latest dirt, scandals, and other goings on from Washington.  Most entertaining.