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Lie still, my love,
and listen to the rain outside
pattering against the roof
tapping gently on the window
making tiny splashes everywhere it hits
but hitting nowhere inside
for we are safe here.
The rain cannot reach us here.
Listen to the water run off the roof
gurgling through the drainpipes
rushing to meet the ground
and always there is more to come
for the rain keeps tapping, tapping, always tapping
a constant soothing presence
serene and peaceful
and making us glad for shelter.

Lie still, my love,
and watch the fire
warm and pretty
radiant embers crackling on the hearth
lazy flames dancing
soft light reflecting throughout the room
hues of orange and yellow and red
hypnotically drawing the eye
and gently nudging you toward rest.
Watch the sparks pop
and the light shine
as you close your eyes
and feel the warmth
and know that here lies shelter.

Lie still, my love,
and curl up in your blankets
safe and cozy and toasty,
knowing that with the blankets wrapped around you
no cold can touch you.
Lay back on your pillow,
soft and fluffed just for you,
feel how smooth the sheets are
still and warm against your body
as you snuggle in tight.
Close your eyes as sleep beckons
and you drift into the comfort of dreams
carrying a soft smile on your face
for you know that here lies shelter.

Lie still, my love,
and be at rest,
for I will always be here for you.
And know that no matter what the storm outside
Even without a house
Even without a fire
Even without a bed
As long as I am here
You will have shelter.

Lie still, my love,
and sleep.