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Lost in my imagination,
traveling through the sparkling waters of a far-away land,
I wade through unexplored passages and dive to crevices in the ocean floor.

I close my eyes,
letting the rays of the hot sun soak into my untanned skin,
as I contemplate about nothing at all, purely enjoying the bright afterimage of the sun.

I romp on the beach,
going where I please, coming when I may, turning
somersaults and
cartwheels and enjoying my freedom. The sun again, reflecting off the water
in myriad and ever-changing patterns which fascinate for hours on end.

The playful teasing and weird sounds of dolphins,
indulging in their peculiar form of harmonious cacophony,
echoes eerily distorted underwater as they laugh and play in their fashion.

The tickling nudges of a school of vividly colored fish,
Swimming around me as though we had been acquainted for years,
Dashing away in sudden fright as I try to return their tickles.

Lazily backstroking, I encounter a gentle coral reef.
The edges are unusually soft and the shape makes a natural bed for me.
I cleave the water in one final stroke and let momentum settle me on to the bed.

I am overcome by a sense of fulfillment and peace as I grow drowsy.
The dazzlingly-plumed shore birds flying overhead caw soothingly.
It is time to sleep.